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Hey music artists! Keen on elevating your live performance videos? You’ve found the perfect spot.
PulsePulse is on a mission to revolutionise live performance video production, and we’re inviting you to join the adventure.

For Artists: Spotlight’s Yours

Got more than one iPhone?

  • Easy Multi-Angle Recording: Got two iPhones or three? That’s all you need. Link them up in our app to capture your live performance from every angle. Hit ‘record’, and let the magic unfold – simplicity at its best.

  • We Handle the Editing: Once you’ve captured the essence of your performance, it’s our turn. We’ll refine your raw footage into a sleek live performance video, complete with a engaging 30-second snippet for your social media.

  • Bigger Dreams on the Horizon: Right now, we’re all about making your live performances shine on screen. But there’s more in store – we’re envisioning ways for you to share, publish, and monetize your live performances globally. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

What's coming up

Imagine your fans playing a part in your next live video or effortlessly connecting with new audiences. We’re set on knitting the music community closer together, and we’re just getting warmed up.Fans and Venues, Your Turn!

Let’s co-create!

Monetise performances and promote the venue.

  • Fans: Ever wanted to do more than just watch? Get involved in the creative process with your favourite bands, contribute to the next big live performance video, and discover fresh tunes along the way. It’s about supporting the music you love in a brand new way.

  • Venues: Shine a spotlight on your space! Work with us on live gigs, get your venue the attention it deserves, and anticipate new opportunities to benefit from the live content created. We’re here to make every event unforgettable.

Who are we?

We're music lovers, tech experts, and creative thinkers.

Our team brings together a unique blend of expertise and passion, combining years of experience in startups, technology, and the music industry.
Our advisory board is equally diverse and experienced, featuring industry leaders from the international music scene and the field of artificial intelligence.
Together, we're reimagining the future of live music, leveraging technology to connect artists and fans in new and exciting ways.
If you love music and think you can contribute to our mission, get in touch below.

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